My Bachelor's Thesis: Reimplementation of a Tool for Self- and Peer Assessment of Teamwork Skills

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During my bachelor’s studies, I worked on the reimplementation of a web-based Tool for Self- and Peer Assessment of Teamwork Skills (TSFE). This tool has been used for years at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering to make individual contributions of students in group work more visible. Students assess both their own soft skills and those of their group members. This is meant to enable fairer grading and increase student engagement and learning outcomes.

However, the original TSFE tool was outdated and had several shortcomings, such as high administrative effort and time-consuming manual management tasks. Therefore, the goal of my bachelor’s thesis was to technically reimplement the tool and provide it as a plugin for the open-source learning platform Moodle.

The newly developed plugin allows for the evaluation of individual contributions to group projects by filling out questionnaires at various points in the project. The questions in the questionnaire are interchangeable, and the final output for supervisors is a suggestion for grade adjustments. The plugin can be used across departments and installed in various Moodle learning spaces for project work.

In my bachelor’s thesis, I delved into the conceptualization and reimplementation of the TSFE tool, taking into account the design principles and ecosystem of Moodle. The result is an improved, more user-friendly tool that benefits both students and educators alike.