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Float Flyers_


webdev client-projects gamedev

A Game for Bird Protection, commissioned by Pilkington

Technologies: Javascript, HTML5, Canvas, Electron

- Different characters that the player can unlock

- Beautiful retro-style graphics and smooth animations

- Integration of sound effects and music composed especially for the game

GPT Story Generator_


webdev ai

AI-powered web application that generates unique stories based on user-defined characters, genre, and mood

Technologies: Javascript, ChatGPT API, HTML, CSS

- Custom input of characters

- Selection from various genres and moods

- Illustrations of the generated stories

- Text-to-speech functionality for generated stories

Learn City_


hackathon webdev gamedev

Gamified platform for school classes as a virtual city

Technologies: JavaScript, Kaboom.js, Bootstrap

💻 Participated in the Gamification Hackathon Level-Up Society (Learning).

🏅 Received the „Highly Commended“ award.

My role: Project management, Idea, Development, Presentation




Tool for self- and peer-assessment of teamwork skills (Moodle Plugin)

Technologies: PHP, JavaScript, MySQL, Mustache, Moodle

Result of my bachelor thesis.