Float Flyers - A Game for Bird Protection, commissioned by Pilkington Germany AG

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I am very excited to introduce Float Flyers - a game inspired by the classic Flappy Bird, which I developed together with Alexander Podolskij from Lotus Creative Studio. This project was commissioned by Pilkington Deutschland AG, a prominent player in the glass industry. I was responsible for programming, while Alexander created the exciting graphics, animations, and music.

The core goal of Float Flyers is to draw attention, especially from young people, to the importance of bird protection glasses and to inspire them for the glass industry. In the game, the player controls a bird through a landscape filled with obstacles. However, these obstacles represent not ordinary barriers, but specifically bird protection glasses. Unlike games like Flappy Bird, where the bird crashes upon touching an obstacle, our bird in Float Flyers slows down before the glass and flies back.

This playful representation of bird protection glasses helps to raise awareness for bird protection and to emphasize the importance of glass as a sustainable and versatile material. Another special detail is that fossils can be seen at regular intervals under the ground, adding an additional visual dimension to the game.

Character Selection

  • Various characters (Robin, Berni, Coco and Cybird) that the player can unlock.
  • Progressively increasing speed, making the game increasingly challenging as it progresses.
  • Beautiful retro-style graphics and gentle animations ensure a pleasant gaming experience.
  • Beautiful, melancholic music in the menu and catchy, varied music that intensifies the gaming process.
  • Integration of sound effects to enhance the game’s atmosphere.

In Game

The entire game was developed with native JavaScript and the HTML5 Canvas-API, ensuring high performance and compatibility with all modern web browsers. Additionally, it is available both as an online version and as a local version for Windows. In the local version, the high score is saved in the device’s local storage, while in the online version a Firebase database is used to store the top 5 high scores.

As a homage to the first video games, the high score system only allows the entry of three letters for the name - a detail that adds extra nostalgic charm.

Enter name
Enter name for the high score

I warmly invite you to play the game here. Who knows? Maybe you’ll make it to the high score. ;) Have fun playing!

Retro-style leaderboard

Shortly after its release, the game was presented at the Zoom Erlebniswelt in Gelsenkirchen and they were thrilled with the positive response! Especially the children had a lot of fun steering the different birds through the glass obstacles. It was a fantastic opportunity to talk to the audience about bird conservation and at the same time share the joy of the game.

Now we also have a few videos on TikTok showing visitors playing our game and having fun:

Float Flyers at the Zoom Erlebniswelt in Gelsenkirchen
Float Flyers at the Zoom Erlebniswelt in Gelsenkirchen

We are happy that our game is so well received and that we can make a small contribution to bird conservation with it. We are especially pleased about the enthusiasm of the younger generation, who are sensitized to the topic in a playful way.

Many thanks to Pilkington Deutschland AG and Alexander Podolskij for the valuable collaboration on this project!
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