Creating a Guest Social Network Graph with D3.js

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Have you ever wondered how your guests are connected to each other? With the power of D3.js, it’s possible to create a social network graph based on your guest list.

Project Overview

The project is a simple web application that creates a social network graph based on a user’s input of guest names. The application prompts the user to answer whether two guests know each other or not. Based on the user’s answers, the application creates connections between guests, resulting in a visually appealing graph that shows the relationships between guests.

How it works

The application uses D3.js to create the social network graph. The graph is created using SVG elements and groups for nodes and connections. The D3.js simulation is used to control the gravitational and connection forces that create the graph.

Deployed Application

The application is deployed on GitHub Pages and can be accessed at The code for the project is also available on GitHub at


The social network graph application is an project that demonstrates the power of D3.js. The application is a great way to visualize the relationships between guests and can be easily adapted for other use cases. Give it a try and see what kind of connections you can discover among your guests!